Characters are the most vital component to any story, in fact, a good character is often its own story. These are characters that have been visualized in 3D. A small portion of their respective stories is below.

Nebuchadnezzar – This character was created for my senior film of the same name. His purpose is to play out the role of King Nebuchadnezzar in the night Nebuchadnezzar had the dream mentioned in Daniel 2. His design was based on artwork of the general region and period (hence the unibrow). The night setting allowed for more limited cloth effects by having him wear a loin cloth instead of full Babylonian robes.

Pachitope – This character was originally born out of a scribbled doodle in my notebook that became realized in a late-night computer modeling session. It got its name from my high school biology teacher, who stated that it looked like a cross between an elephant, a rabbit, and an antelope:
(PACHiderm, rabbIT, anteLOPE = PACHITOPE).
It has since risen to prominence on the masthead of this website and featured on my business cards and other business materials.