“The Sundae Singers” – Promotional Package

"The Sundae Singers" - Promotional Package

13th Colony Sound (Savannah, GA Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society) was performing their annual show and asked me to create the promotional materials for the event. The synopsis of the show was a young man with a successful ice cream sundae shop on Tybee Island sought to build a new shop in Castle Blarney, Ireland, but due to a mixup, ended up in Casablanca, Morrocco instead. The show drew inspiration from classic films such as Casablanca, The Desert Song, and others of the same genre and era.

For the logo of the event, I went with the style of a malt shop, soda fountain, or similar ice cream parlor. The logo, colors, and the supporting shapes carry the weight of this theme. For the illustration, I depicted the Tybee Island Lighthouse on one side, and an iconic building of similar shape from Casablanca. The ocean was noticeably shortened, and the beams of light from the lighthouse tied the two buildings together.

"The Sundae Singers" - Poster Design

This design was established on the 11″ x 17″ poster design, and then adapted for the 4″ x 6″ card. One of the largest differences in the 4″ x 6″ card design is the reddish font used for the names of the different groups performing in the show. This highlights the groups on the card design, where a lot of smaller text can more easily result in the information getting lost.

"The Sundae Singers" - Card Design

The program cover needed to carry the same design theme, but I used a different illustration in the same style. Since the plot of the show centered around an ice cream sundae shop, it seemed appropriate to put an ice cream sundae on the program cover. This design also shows the 13th Colony Sound logo. which further differs it from the other promotional materials.

"the Sundae Singers" - Program Cover